Revealing the love of Jesus
by embracing our neighbors
and serving one another
with grace and mercy.

St. John the Divine is an Episcopal Church.

This means that we worship and pray alongside 2 million other Episcopalians in America, and over 85 million Anglican Christians worldwide. 

This also means that we consider all sorts of people our sisters and brothers - not just the ones who go to our kind of Church or who worship or pray or believe exactly the way we do.

This also means that we see ourselves in many ways as both Catholic and Protestant, and if you're not sure where you fit on that spectrum, you'd probably fit in fine with us.

This also means that we try to focus less on our differences than on our common belovedness and faith in Jesus Christ.

This also means that whoever you are and whatever you believe or don't believe, you are always welcome.

But most of all it means that we believe we are all loved by God in Jesus Christ. All of us. And we try to come together on a regular basis, soak up that Love, and figure out how to spread God's Love and Grace to the world in which we live in real ways.

Together we seek to know Christ and make Christ known. We seek to be rooted and grounded in the Love and Grace of God that is in Christ Jesus, to preach Christ Crucified with our feet and hands as much as with our mouths, to live sacramental lives, and to engage with each other and our neighbors practically, with love in our hearts.

We strive to remember and lean into the depth and the width and the breadth of the Love that God has for us. His Love is the heart of the community, the center of the Church, and the message of the Cross. Love for our God, Love for our neighbor and Love for ourselves will pour out of us when we tap into the love that He has for us. 

Our church takes its name from John the Divine (aka John the Revelator) – the recipient and author of the Biblical book commonly known as “Revelation”.  John’s revelation of Jesus Christ shows a world being transformed by God so that it becomes one with His Kingdom. 
We pray to be a church that can help this world become one with God through Jesus Christ.